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Bojana Momirovic was born in 1979 in Bosnia & Herzegovina. She spent her childhood in Sarajevo, New York and Brussels. When war broke out in the former Yugoslavia in 1992, she went with her parents to Heidelberg, Germany where she continued her education and obtained a doctorate degree (PhD) in literature.

In 2004, she moved to Paris where she began her film career. Since then she has developed and directed many projects that have had festival selections, screenings and TV broadcast.

Bojana also has extensive working experience in film production, film education and business development. She has worked in corporate business as well as at the film academy Louis-Lumière, and is currently responsible for the client network development and apprentice placement at the training center for performing arts CFPTS in Paris.

Bojana is member of the French Director's Guild the SRF  as well as the Technical Commission CST Department for Production and Directing.  

© Photograph by Anna Marchlewska

Filmography (selection)

Snow On Cherry Blossoms (mini series) - In development

Family saga in the Balkans stretching from the Ottoman Empire to the 2020s.

Watch 1 minute video presentation HERE

The Day After (feature) - In development

Serge and Jeanne decide to divorce. Their children are small and don’t know anything about it yet. But the separation takes a different turn when Serge learns he only has little time left to live. Torn between reason, feeling of guilt and fear of the involuntary separation forever, Serge and Jeanne try to find the best way out for everyone.

The Breakdown (feature) - In development


Marion works at the drug police in Paris. Every day she is exposed to insults, rows and aggression of all sorts. Her private life is not any easier as she is separated from her husband and her twelve-year-old son. Within her team some colleagues are suspected to be involved in a drug deal. The tension rises as all agents are being controlled and questioned by the IGPN (the head police department for internal inspection). During an intervention, Marion saves a young Syrian woman and her newborn, and finds herself guilty of professional misconduct. Her case gets more complicated as the intrigues around her densify.

2024 Armed (short) - Currently promoting - Watch TRAILER 
Private funds France, Stilus Productions Croatia, Vizir Croatia

An arms deal takes place in a Parisian suburb. A drug lord gets shot. The arms are sold again to the competition. The cop takes his cut.

2023 The Mission (short) - Currently promoting - Watch TRAILER

Stilus Productions Croatia, DMP Productions France

When Jacques arrives at his new workplace he employs intimidating methods to secure his position. He makes it. And he suffers no consequences.

1 minute video presentation in ENGLISH

1 minute video presentation in FRENCH

Facebook Page

Screenings and panel discussions - Photos and posts on Facebook and LinkedIn

2024 May Ecole Supérieure de Praxis Sociale Mulhouse

2024 April - The Institute for Technology Paris

2024 April - Audencia Business School in Nantes

2024 March - Article by French Public Healthcare Office (Assurance maladie) HERE (available only in French)

2024 March - TBS Education European Business School Paris

2024 March - Online screening organised by Préventica with Marie-Jo TRAGIN, Occupational Psychologist and Susana LOPES DOS SANTOS, Lawyer for Labor and Employment Law (SELARL Astaé-Avocats). Watch replay HERE (available only in French).

2024 February - Sciences Po Saint-Geramin-enLaye - International Research University in Political Science

2023 December - Efrei - Engineering School of Digital Technologies in Paris

2023 December - Audencia Business School in Nantes

2023 November - National Organisation for the Public Sector (CNFPT) on Martinique

2023 November - EBI School of Industrial Biology Paris

2023 November - The Institute for Technology Paris

2023 November - The University of Bordeaux - Department for Occupational Psychology

2023 October - Interview at Préventica fair watch HERE (available only in French)

2023 September - Préventica Fair in Toulouse with Sandrine Koenig (Occupational psychologist), Jean-Marie Actry (Labour Inspector, Ministry of Labour), David van der Vlist (Lawyer at L'Atelier des droits)

2023 June - Article on the website of the association "Souffrance et Travail" (Suffering and Work) who is one of the most active players in the fight against workplace bullying. Read HERE (Article only in French)

2023 April - Article in the Inter Syndicate Newsletter of Hospitals and Health Institutions in France APHP

2023 April - Premiere at Silverway Paris

2023 March - Interview at the Camaieu de femmes talkshow (Nuances of Women Talkshow). Available HERE (from 1h25m until 1h50m only in French)

2023 March - Audencia Business School in Nantes with Sandrine Stervinou (Associate Professor Entrepreneurship, Strategy and Innovation), Claire Robin (CARSAT), Nadine Bourgaux (Occupational Psychologist), Christelle Mazza (Attorney)

2016 Magda Mozarka (short) - watch TRAILER
BAAM Production House Croatia & DMP Productions France; Distribution Fabulosis Films UK; Acquisition Shorts TV
Qualification for the first committee of the Academy Awards 

We are on the small island of Šipan, Croatia, in the 1930s. Magda is getting ready for the return of her fiancé, Romano, from America. Every day she goes down to the port and sings at the pier. The villagers mock her. She waits. 

Watch with English subtitles

Password: Magda2016EN


Watch with French subtitles

Password: Magda2016FR

Festivals and Screenings

2024 Presentation at Maison du Film Paris – course on privately financed films

2020 Masterclass at 3iS Film Academy in Paris and Bordeaux (watch HERE only in French)

2019 Acquisition Shorts TV (Broadcast on 5 European channels in Belgium, The Netherlands and Serbia)

2019 Screening at Story Based, Luxembourg

2019 Screening at Silverway Paris, France

2018 Qualification for the first committee of the Academy Awards, Los Angeles, USA

2018 Screening at the Peckhamplex Cinema, London, UK

2018 Screening at the Wimbledon Library Film Club, London, UK

2017 Festival VII Visualizame, Spain

2017 Qualification screening for the Academy Awards, Downtown Independent Theatre, Los Angeles, USA

2017 SEEFest - South East European Film Festival, Los Angeles, USA

2017 RIFF – Richmond International Film Festival, Richmond, USA

2016 21 Islands International Short Film Festival, New York City, USA

2016 Sochi International Film Awards, Sochi, Russia (out of competition)

2016 KIN International Women’s Film Festival, Yerevan, Armenia

2016 Tuzla Film Festival, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina

2016 UGU Film Festival, Port Shepstone, South Africa, Award for Best Short Film

2016 Dubrovnik Summer Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Film Markets

2017 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2017 MIFTC at FÉMI festival, French Guadeloupe

2016 HAVC Croatian Audiovisual Center  

2016 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2011 IUSTITIA (short) - watch HERE
Tomay Productions, France

Two women become cell mates in prison. Maria has just been sentenced for a crime of passion. Isabel has already been serving time for war crimes. Maria suffers pangs of conscience and is plagued by nightmares. Isabel is remorseless for crimes she maintains were justified. Tensions mount as they make moral judgments against each other. Only one can survive.


2013 Festival Nouveaux Cinémas, Paris, France

Film Markets

2012 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2012 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2010 Postcards From the Past (doc short) - watch HERE
France, Bosnia, Germany, The Netherlands (private financing)

Four destinies. Four remembrances. Four past lives. One civil war.

Film Markets

2011 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2011 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2009 Descent (short)
France (private financing)

Brother and sister hide in a cellar to escape the onset of war. They strive to maintain normalcy, but the terrifying presence of war and the disruption of time and space break their resolve.

Film Markets

2010 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2010 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2010 Brussels Short Film Festival, Belgium

2008 Under the Red Beacon (doc short) - watch HERE
France, Croatia (private financing)

Dubrovnik is known as the pearl of the Adriatic. Does it still sparkle or has it become merely a museum for tourists? Three generations of inhabitants draw a nostalgic portrait of their town.


2011 Culture Unplugged, San Francisco, USA

2009 Libertas Film Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Film Markets

2009 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2009 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2007 Interview with a Young Widow (short) - watch HERE
France (private financing); Acquisition Independant Film TV France; Registered with the French Agency for Short Film (Agence du court-métrage)

The voice of a young woman relates a story. A story of a young white woman and a young black man. A story of embarrassing moments and hurtful gestures. A story of discouragement. Of suicide. And finally…of hope.


2013 BEST-OF Pre-Festival BD6Né, Paris, France

2011 Acquisition Independant Film Television, IF TV, Paris, France

2009 Festival la Normandie et le monde, Vernon, France

2008 Registration with the French Agency for Short Film

2008 Paris Tout Court, Paris, France

2008 Nouveaux Cinémas, Paris, France

Film Markets

2008 Clermont-Ferrand, France

2008 Short Film Corner, Cannes, France

2007 The Ney in the Box (doc short)
France (private financing)

An immigrant from the Orient in a Western city maintains his sense of roots by playing the 'Ney'.


2007 Crominute, Pozega, Croatia

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